Now You Can Own This Stunning Ferrari F355 For The Price Of A Used SUV

Happiness: (noun) - the feeling one gets when going full throttle in a hand-built Italian supercar. That all-important feeling is now more attainable than ever, with examples like this clean black Ferrari F355 GTS selling for the price of a lightly used, moderately-equipped, hum-drum SUV. » 11/23/14 11:30am Today 11:30am

Your Ridiculously Awesome LA Auto Show Wallpapers Are Here

Earlier this week I visited the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show with the specific objective of taking pictures of cars until my camera's shutter exploded. Out of the thousands of shots that we took, here are some that desperately need to be on your desktop. » 11/22/14 5:00pm Yesterday 5:00pm

You'll Never Guess Which Cars These Fake Vents Are On

In the LA Auto Show earlier this week, a few car manufacturers took it upon themselves to spruce up their offerings with the addition of slick-looking vents that were about as real as a three dollar bill. Can you name all of the cars that these fake vents came from? Betcha can't. » 11/22/14 3:00pm Yesterday 3:00pm

You Can Buy A Lamborghini-Powered Audi S8 For The Price Of A Minivan

There's a closely-guarded secret in the car community - the best car buying value will always be in used cars. Now that the secret is out (and has been for some time, thanks to yours truly), you can appreciate gems like this pristine Audi S8 super-sedan powered by a Lamborghini V10 for the price of a lightly used… » 11/21/14 5:14pm Friday 5:14pm

Four Reasons Why You Need To Buy A BMW E39 540i Right Now

It's no secret that the technology that BMW uses in its range-topping M cars trickles down into its less hoontastic models. But the secret BMW didn't want you to know is that when it came to the E39 5-series, the near-beer model was a step above its M counterpart in nearly every conceivable way. » 11/18/14 12:04pm Tuesday 12:04pm

Ten Of The Best Classic Cars You Can Buy On eBay For Less Than $50,000

Over the weekend, I asked you forward-thinking bunch to pick out the best classic cars on eBay for less than $50,000 - right in the sweet spot of getting a good quality original or restored classic that's due to appreciate. Here are the ten best cars to start a future collection. » 11/17/14 12:30pm 11/17/14 12:30pm

You Can Buy A Beautiful Porsche 911 Carrera For The Price Of A Camry

We are living in the future. No longer are supercars the one-trick ponies they once were - they can be legitimate daily drivers and weekend warrior canyon carvers all in one tiny package, as evidenced by this awesome Porsche 911 Carrera 4. Yours for less than the price of a base model Toyota Camry V6. » 11/16/14 2:24pm 11/16/14 2:24pm

Watch As Ken Block Scares The Shit Out Of Chris Harris In Two Minutes

Here's what happens when part-time Jalopnik columnist Chris Harris meets full-time lunatic Ken Block and takes a ride in his fully-built, nightmare-fueled racecar, dubbed the "Hoonicorn" before the premiere of Gymkhana Seven tomorrow. » 11/16/14 11:04am 11/16/14 11:04am

Meet The Guy Who Had His Shelby Cobra Trashed By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's new video Blank Space has received a metric ton of praise, from its amazing cinematography to its pretty darn catchy tune. The video also featured a beautiful Shelby Cobra that for one reason or another, gets assaulted with a golf club. I sat down with Will Hough, the car's owner, and asked him about… » 11/13/14 11:07am 11/13/14 11:07am

You Can Buy This 500 HP Mercedes E55 AMG For The Price Of A Corolla

A wise man once said "In life, there are dupers, and dupees." Now you can play the role of the duper by checking out this astronomical value for money - a supercharged, 500-horsepower Mercedes E55 AMG, for such a substantial percentage off that it would make even the most frugal thrift store rethink its business model. » 11/12/14 7:09pm 11/12/14 7:09pm

How To Buy And Sell A BMW E46 M3 For Profit Without Really Trying

The BMW E46 M3 is without a doubt one of the most iconic BMWs ever made. Its timeless good looks and unusually high-strung six cylinder engine made it a force to be reckoned with. But is it possible to buy one of the roughest examples ever, restore it on a budget, and make a profit on resale? » 11/12/14 2:00pm 11/12/14 2:00pm

This Awesome Baby Can Prove He's A Better Driver Than You

Have you ever played a game online and been beaten badly by what sounded like a pre-pubescent little brat? Now imagine that scenario, replacing the pre-teen with one hell of a focused baby, and instead of pressing buttons, he's driving a car at ludicrous speeds. I can't wait to see what this kid does with a go-kart. » 11/12/14 10:10am 11/12/14 10:10am

Say Hello To The Most Butt-Clenchingly Terrifying Road In The World

Here's my take on ridiculously dangerous mountain passes: If you're not Frodo trying to take a ring into Mordor and you are simply a tourist that greatly underestimates the likelihood of a landslide, then you probably should stay home. » 11/11/14 8:56am 11/11/14 8:56am

Here Are Ten Of The Best Drag Cars On eBay For Less Than $15,000

Are you that special kind of car enthusiast that doesn't require your car to do things like turn or brake? Do front sway bars just get in the way? Do you like tuna with no crust? Yes, yes, and hell yes? Well, it looks like last week's eBay challenge was meant for you. Here are ten cars that will do their best to… » 11/10/14 3:52pm 11/10/14 3:52pm

You Can Buy The Best BMW M3 Ever Made For Less Than Half Price

The E92 M3 was the last truly great M3. It was BMW's analog finale before its digital overture. There was no noise enhancing fakery or torque-filling forced induction, it was good old-fashioned high-revving V8 witchcraft. Now it can be yours for much less than a new, base model BMW 4-series coupe. » 11/09/14 12:05pm 11/09/14 12:05pm

Here Are The Amazing Cars That Came To The Jalopnik Film Festival

The 2nd annual Jalopnik Film Festival was in full swing last night at Brooklyn's Nitehawk Cinemas. The theaters were aglow with inspiring automotive visuals accompanied by the sound of raw horsepower, but the show didn't end there. Here are the awesome cars that were parked outside. » 11/07/14 1:34pm 11/07/14 1:34pm

You Can Buy This Supercharged Range Rover For The Price Of A Ford Fiesta

If you'd have listened to Doug do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do DeMuro, you would've read that buying a vehicle like this luxurious Ranger Rover was akin to financial harakiri - but that would be forgetting the reason that Mr. so-called DeMuro drives one in the first place - it's freaking spectacular. And really, really cheap. » 11/06/14 1:22pm 11/06/14 1:22pm

Here's What You Missed At The Jalopnik Film Festival Last Night

Last night, we kicked off the 2nd Annual Jalopnik Film Festival at Classic Car Club Manhattan. It was an evening full of stars, supercars, and lots and lots of free alcohol. Here's how it went. » 11/06/14 9:48am 11/06/14 9:48am