Why Buy A Honda Accord When You Can Get This Cadillac CTS-V For Less?

There are those who see a fully loaded Honda Accord V6, and think "Yup, I think I'll buy that without seeing what this money will get on the used car market." And then there are the smart ones who understand you could buy this supercharged mammoth and have enough left over cash to buy a year's supply of freedom… » 9/21/14 10:00am 5 minutes ago

This Ridiculous Race Car Proves Even Clown Shoes Are Better With A V8

I'll be honest, I love German performance cars. It's something about their attention to detail and unrelenting power delivery that can't be beat. That is, until you slap a race-tuned American V8 powerplant in one, gut the interior, and paint it matte orange. Oh, and put it up for sale to us mere mortals. » 9/16/14 1:22pm Tuesday 1:22pm

The Ten Best Modified Cars You Can Buy On eBay For Less Than $10,000

Honestly, when I first asked what the best modified car on eBay for less than 10k was, I was expecting a sea of rusty Nissan 240SXs and BMW E30 4-doors that "needed a little work. The cars you picked out were genuinely surprising, to say the least. Here are the ten best modified cars you can buy on eBay for $10k: » 9/15/14 2:06pm Monday 2:06pm

You Can Buy This Elegant Maserati For The Price Of A Nissan Altima

Today's holy-crap-I-can't-believe-this-is-even-legal used car deal is one that not only has one of the best designs ever, but has a freaking hand-built Ferrari V8 under the hood. Welcome to the Maserati Quattroporte Executive GT - yes, it's real, and it's spectacular. » 9/13/14 11:45am 9/13/14 11:45am

Five Reasons Why You Need To Buy An FD Mazda RX-7 Right Now

In order for a car to be desirable, it must have a value of more than the sum of its parts. The car that embodies this idea flawlessly is Mazda's over-engineered, astonishingly quick and breathtakingly beautiful FD RX-7. Here are a few reasons you need to own one. » 9/11/14 4:27pm 9/11/14 4:27pm

Here's The Crazy Twin Turbo SHO-Powered Sleeper You've Always Wanted

I'm all for backyard engineering. It allows you to re-purpose what is otherwise useless to anyone else. That's why this one-of-a-kind twin turbo, SHO V6-powered Merkur XR4Ti needs to be find a home with someone who will appreciate its quirkiness and its absolute, unrelenting insanity. » 9/10/14 2:45pm 9/10/14 2:45pm

Yes, It Turns Out You Can Attract Women With An Exotic Supercar

Life is hard for the average male exotic car owner. Not only does he have to deal with higher repair costs, steep depreciation curves, and abysmal fuel economy, but according to Doug DeMuro, it turns out women don't respond at all to his costly investment. Luckily, I found a Lamborghini owner who disagrees. Here's… » 9/09/14 1:45pm 9/09/14 1:45pm

The Ten Best Supercars You Can Buy On eBay For Less Than $100,000

Last week, I asked you frugal, aspiring millionaires what the best supercar under $100k was, and as always, you replied with astonishing results. These are the best cars you can buy on eBay, under a six figure price tag. This is gonna be good. » 9/08/14 1:30pm 9/08/14 1:30pm

You Can Get A Supercharged BMW 7-Series For the Price Of A Ford Focus

What happens when you take a BMW's flagship 7-Series, upgrade the interior, drivetrain, wheels, suspension, and let depreciation take its course? You end up with a great example of an absolutely epic drive - the Alpina B7, for the price of a Ford Focus. » 9/07/14 10:00am 9/07/14 10:00am

How To Make The Subaru SVX The Car It Deserves To Be

Welcome to Fatal Flaw, where I choose a cool car that is made significantly less desirable by one major, glaring fault — and show you how to fix it. Today's feature is on the Subaru SVX, and how to make its driving experience as sporty as its iconic looks. » 9/05/14 6:03pm 9/05/14 6:03pm

Five Reasons Why You Need To Buy A Baja Bug Right Now

Here's why I love cars: They're gender-neutral, colorblind, politically centered metal and fiberglass boxes of excitement, individuality, and freedom. One car that absolutely embodies everything I've mentioned is called the VW Baja Bug. Here are a few reasons why you need to drop everything and buy one. » 9/04/14 12:00pm 9/04/14 12:00pm

Now You Can Buy a V12 Aston Martin For The Price Of A Toyota Camry

Every week I post one of these things and every week I'm absolutely stunned by the value of the dollar in the used car marketplace. On the secondhand market, you can buy a well-looked after Aston Martin DB9, for the price of a new, fully loaded Toyota Camry. This is why capitalism works, people. » 9/02/14 10:02am 9/02/14 10:02am

The Ten Best Supercars You Can Buy On eBay For Under $50,000

Yesterday. I asked the financially responsibly lot of you about what supercars you would buy on eBay with a maximum budget of $50,000, and you certainly delivered. Here are the cars that are the automotive equivalent of a fine steakhouse, for the price of a value meal: » 8/29/14 1:30pm 8/29/14 1:30pm

Here's What It Feels Like When Your Lamborghini Is Impounded

Working really hard to buy your childhood dream car is awesome. The police putting said dream car on a truck and taking it away from you is significantly less awesome. Friend of Jalopnik Rob Dahm recently had his 2001 Diablo taken away by the nice people of law enforcement, and here's how he handled it. » 8/26/14 3:36pm 8/26/14 3:36pm

How To Make A Used Mercedes S-Class More Luxurious Than Most New Cars

A little more than a year ago, I bought a W220 Mercedes S-Class, and although it was a somewhat luxurious car, it was never the next-level of luxury and opulence that I had hoped for in my initial $3000 purchase. Here's how I changed that. » 8/25/14 3:00pm 8/25/14 3:00pm

Now You Can Own The Most Beautiful Volvo Shooting Brake Ever Made

The traditional shooting brake is one of the most elusive-yet-desirable car platforms in recorded history. This Volvo 1800ES ramps up the want by being perhaps the most elegant example of what can be done when you mix coupe-grade fun with wagon-grade practicality. » 8/23/14 11:08am 8/23/14 11:08am